Is Working Out the New Going Out? It Could Be, With the Right Playlist

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There’s no doubt about it: the UAE is definitely going through something of a health revolution. Superfoods are now a common addition to our shopping carts and workouts a regular note on our weekly agenda. But what’s the draw? Other than the obvious health benefits, the fitness industry has a bit of a party vibe going on with heavy beats taking center stage. As a result, many of us are getting our party rush from our workouts; whether it’s a burst of HIIT, a session at the gym, or an intense spinning class that gets our endorphins pumping and our bodies moving, the music is key. Indeed, music and fitness go hand in hand – they’re inextricably linked, and you’ll know this if you’ve ever tried to do an intense gym workout without any background beats.

Music is known to alter our moods and to have both a physical and psychological effect on us.

Music is a fascinating subject, and there’s a science to it. It’s known to alter our moods and to have both a physical and psychological effect on us. Studies have shown that music can in fact elevate your mood and can alleviate the effects of depression, working on stress-related hormones like cortisol. It has an impact on certain structures in the brain related to emotion regulation, positive mood, attention span, and even memory. This mind-body link is what makes music so effective in a fitness situation, because it taps into our emotions and makes us move at a deeper, sub-conscious level.

Think about how differently your body reacts to a song you love and how fast you pedal or how your body feels as soon as that beat drops and you’re suddenly charged with adrenaline. Then, think of how you feel when the trainer’s playlist just doesn’t do anything for you, and, well, you probably don’t go to that particular class again simply because you didn’t enjoy the music. The right playlist can mean the difference between you working to your absolute maximum or simply being there for the ride.

Here are just some of the ways music can transform a workout.

It gets us moving.

The beats keep us on track, and the energy we get from the music can make all the difference to our overall workout performance. It gives us something to focus on, channeling our energy into movement, and surrounding distractions no longer affect us. Music helps to keep us in that zone.

It’s social.

The fitness scene is such a social place – bring your partner, your fitness buddy, make friends with fellow gym-goers, and rock out to the beats. You get that awesome party vibe, but instead of raving, you’re running or pedaling. Those beats are still moving you, and your body is still reeling from that rush.

It energizes us.

Music speaks to your body’s sense of rhythm and, whether you’re looking to cool down or amp things up, it can help to create a particular atmosphere depending on the beat, volume, and lyrics.

It lifts our mood.

Combine all the elements listed above – the social scene, the energy, the movement – and you end up with the key recipe for a boost of endorphins.

It can help to de-stress us.

We’re constantly on the go and under stress. Going for a workout and losing yourself in the music is probably one of the healthiest ways to de-stress the body and distract yourself from all that outside noise.

If you’re looking for somewhere to move to the music, join Define’s upcoming workout party. The ‘DJ Rev Ride’ will be held on Friday, November 30th at 9 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.

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