The 5 Healthiest Hotspots in Dubai for Food and Fitness

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jared rice yoga
Photo: Courtesy of Jared Rice

Dubai has no shortage of things to do on the weekend, but why not try something different this week? Goodness rounded up the top five places in Dubai where you can workout and eat out without breaking your healthy routine. From offering rooftop yoga sessions and vegan delights to serving carb-free treats next to your treadmill, these healthy hotspots are guaranteed to look after your body from the inside out.

Life’n One

Life'n One Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Life’n One

This hippy hotspot in the heart of Jumeirah oozes ‘omm’. Focusing on the spiritual side of wellbeing, Life’n One is all about yoga. Lots of yoga –  from classic hatha and dynamic vinyasa to tantra and kundalini. If you’re a yogi, you’ll be in heaven. There are also reiki, holistic life coaching, and aura and chakra reading sessions to complement your practices, which take place in an array of locations including the garden deck, the rooftop, or the studios. Then, to top it all off (rather deliciously), there’s the One Café – a place filled with vegan, raw delights that offers everything from vegan veggie burgers to pecan-and-cinnamon cookies and turmeric smoothies. After just one hour here, you’ll feel like a better, calmer, healthier version of yourself.

Jumeriah 1, Dubai
(+971) 4 343 6676

Balance Well-Being 360°

Balance Well-being Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Balance Well-Being

You guessed it; this place is all about balance – bringing together food, fitness, and traditional remedies from Tibet, India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and China to reconnect body and mind. Creating a true sense of wellness, this hidden haven in the Oasis Centre offers yoga classes from the early morning to the evening and an array of Ayurvedic treatments in its in-house spa. It’s the perfect place for a moment of “me time”. You can workout, chill out, and then eat out at the Balance Café, which blends ancient Ayurvedic and Greek concepts with macrobiotic foods and yogic art to dish up some of the healthiest meals imaginable. These include buckwheat bolognese and Malabari fish curry for non-vegetarians and veggie delights such as vegetable and tofu lasagna and organic quinoa and chickpea salad. Yum.

Oasis Centre, Al Quoz 1, Dubai
(+971) 4 515 4000

Fit Republik & Nathalie’s Café

Photo: Courtesy of Fit Republik

This is your one-stop shop to getting your sweat on and tucking into food made for health nuts. Fit Republik has it all: an Olympic-sized pool, CrossFit rigs, 12 weightlifting stations, martial arts, gymnastics, barre, yoga, Pilates… the list goes on. It also has Nathalie’s, a coffee and kitchen concept created by Nathalie Haddad, founder of The Right Bite, which shuns additives, preservatives, and scary ingredients you can’t pronounce, focusing instead on fresh, wholesome, nutritious concoctions to keep you in tip-top shape. Tucked away behind the treadmills (you literally drink your fresh juice overlooking the gym floor), it’s cute and cozy, with delicious delights such as carb-free eggs Florentine, superfood salads, whole-wheat pancakes, smoothie bowls, and dairy-free, gluten-free cakes on offer. We promise you’ll end up running that little bit faster knowing Nathalie’s is waiting for you after your workout!

Sports City, Dubai
(+971) 4 556 1888


Hapi Healthy Cafe Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of

Brought to you by man-about-town and celebrity chef Paul Frangie, Hapi makes us, well, very happy indeed. Head to this cool café and kitchen concept in Al Quoz if you’re looking for some seriously healthy grub, to relax in a yoga class, or to try your hand at the military-style ‘Parkour’ workout. On the menu are offerings such as organic bone broth (it’s tastier than it sounds, promise), which is full of vital vitamins and minerals, and smoked salmon with salad and sweet-potato wedges. Just be sure to save some room for the organic soft-serve ice cream with salted caramel and chocolate crunch. It’s worth every single bite.

Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz


Zoga Healthy Cafe Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Zoga

This bright, beautiful studio is a yogi’s dream, offering everything from hatha and vinyasa to hot yoga and ashtanga, as well as meditation and candlelight sessions. There are also workshops and events to help you learn the art of self massage and beneficial breathing techniques, and the boutique is bursting with some of the coolest fitness threads in town. Meanwhile, the Zoga Café offers post-class refreshments, like a cold-pressed juice or smoothie, and perfect grab-and-go meals like tasty sandwiches and salads. Be sure to try the raw vegan bars and the chocolate chia puddings; they’ll satisfy that sweet craving sans guilt.

Southridge 6, Downtown
(+971) 4 276 7657

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