Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Where to Buy Healthy Cakes in Dubai

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Healthy Cakes in Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @GirlsWithGluten

Healthy cakes that deliver on taste and quality without wreaking havoc on your waistline or leaving you feeling horribly guilty after scoffing the lot? Yes, they really do exist. Goodness has done the hard work for you (hey, someone had to do it), trying and testing the best healthy cakes in Dubai. From Paleo to vegan and raw to gluten-free, read on for the top seven spots to find healthy and delicious sweet treats in Dubai. Finally, you can have your cake and eat (all of) it, too.


Healthy Cake Dubai Muncherie
Photo: Courtesy of Muncherie

Muncherie whips up 100 percent organic, unprocessed, raw, and vegan delights that are a must-have for anyone seeking a healthy dessert alternative. Not only are their sweet treats seriously tasty, but they’re also bursting with nutrition-boosting enzymes that are usually destroyed in the cooking process. Free from refined sugar, animal byproducts, and a host of nasties normally lurking in café cakes, these are healthy and clean. Try the unbaked ‘Zesty Carrot Cake’ or the ‘Banana Matcha Cheesecake’. If you’re a chocoholic, the Snickers-inspired cake will hit the spot. Not to mention the insane raw ‘Nutella’ cake. Our mouths are watering already…

To place an order, call (+971) 4 430 4053 or click here.

The Snack Society

Healthy Cake Dubai The Snack Society
Photo: Courtesy of @TheSnackSociety

‘Mars Bar Cheesecake’, Paleo mint and chocolate slices, and carrot and orange cupcakes are just some of the divine treats created by The Snack Society – all without dairy, gluten, refined sugar, or scary-sounding additives. Using Mother Nature’s finest, these good-for-you goodies are crammed with ingredients like buckwheat, dates, flax seeds, nuts, and cacao to satisfy that sugar craving whilst injecting a burst of nutrition into your afternoon snack. Looking to sample a little of everything? Opt for the monthly menu that changes constantly. The oozing caramel and chocolate fondants are so divine that you’ll find it hard to eat just one, while the ‘Snickers Bites’ put the mass-produced versions to shame. But hey, they’re good for you, so eat away.

To place an order, call (+971) 50 525 5175 or click here.

Raw Love Vegan

Healthy Cake Dubai Raw Love Vegan
Photo: Courtesy of @Raw_Love_Vegan

When it comes to nutritious concoctions, the name of this healthy cake company says it all – raw, vegan, and made with love. Your sweet tooth will be delighted with Evelin Novikova’s healthy creations. A raw and vegan foodie, she can be found giving nutrition and health talks across Dubai, including at Life’n One. And, when she’s not doing that, she’s whipping up sweet treats in her kitchen. Whether you want a chocolate cake with blueberries, mini carrot cake balls with cashew cream, or a big ol’ slice of red velvet cake, Raw Love Vegan will satisfy all of your cake cravings.

To place an order, call (+971) 55 947 3697 or click here.

Protein Bakeshop

Healthy Cake Dubai Protein Bakeshop
Photo: Courtesy of Protein Bakeshop

Fitness lovers, rejoice! You can finally indulge in healthy cakes while also packing in some protein power. The brainchild of nutritionist Rashi ChowdharyProtein Bakeshop serves up guilt-free snacks that are low in carbohydrates and sugar, as dates are used to keep things sweet. They’re also are high in protein – they’re made with whey protein – and good fats. From cookies to cupcakes and cakes galore, there are Paleo options too (the peanut-butter cupcakes are seriously good), with no more than four or five ingredients in any treat. We know what we’ll be reaching for after our next gym session.

To place an order, call (+971) 52 945 5227 or click here.

The Healthy Treats

Healthy Cake Dubai The Healthy Treats
Photo: Courtesy of @TheHealthyTreats

From raspberry cheesecakes to fudge, gooey brownies, lemon-zest cake, and even turmeric cake, The Healthy Treats does exactly what its name suggests — cooking up healthy treats that are entirely free from refined sugar and gluten. Replacing bad-for-you sweeteners with good-for-you honey (which helps boost immunity and regulate blood sugar levels), the offerings are also low in carbs and made only from wholesome and natural ingredients, so you can indulge without having to worry about your waistline.

To place an order, call (+971) 56 109 2924 or click here.

Skinny Genie

Healthy Cake Dubai Skinny Genie
Photo: Courtesy of @SkinnyGenie

At Dubai hotspot Skinny Genie, only 100 percent gluten-free ingredients and flours are used to create cakes, muffins, and so much more to satisfy your sweet tooth. Using ingredients like rice, amaranth, millet, and tapioca, the expert bakers have managed to replace sugar with pure fruit compote to keep things sweet. The ‘Marble Cake’ and ‘Banana, Walnut, and Date Cake Loaf’ are both fierce contenders for the next time you host a party, while the brand new ‘Pillow Talk Chocolate Velvet Cake’ is totally guilt-free but guarantees to satisfy your sweet cravings. There are also healthy muffins that are perfect for an on-the-go snack or a breezy breakfast.

To place an order, call 800 754 669 or click here.

Sweet Connection

Sweet Connection Healthy Cakes Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Connection

Sweet Connection has been serving up gluten-free cakes, cookies, and breads for over ten years. It also caters to all dietary needs, including sweet treats free from dairy, eggs, nuts, sugar, and soy. Yes, this means that you can tuck into dreamy Paleo no-bake cookies, vegan vanilla cupcakes, raw espresso-brownie cakes, and gluten-free lemon loaves. Need we say more? We thought not.

To place an order, call (+971) 4 880 0656 or click here.

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