How I Found the Perfect Workout – and How to Get the Most out of Yours

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Reem Kanj Reformer Pilates
Photo: Courtesy of Reform Athletica

I’ve been training solidly for the past three years, trying different workouts and always switching things up, for various reasons; sometimes just because I’d get bored, or because I found that I wanted to isolate new areas. I’ve done everything from strength training and hot yoga to pure cardio.

After spending a month in LA over the summer and falling in love with Pilates, I struggled to find a studio that offered the same quality of service, equipment, and teaching in Dubai, until I was recommended to try Reform Athletica.

I’m not hugely into cardio anymore; I think I paid my dues in 2013 after going from literally hating running to doing a half marathon in San Francisco, followed by training for a triathlon in London the following year. What Pilates offered was a workout that doesn’t come with the impending dread of feeling like you’re going to pass out halfway through or collapse as soon as you’re done. Instead, I leave every class feeling super strong, proud, and eager for the next session.

After testing out different methods and classes, I instantly fell in love with the ‘Reform Method’ workout at Reform Athletica. At first, it was a challenge to get to grips with the MegaFormer machine, but after one or two sessions, it became second nature.

I decided to give myself a little challenge; for one whole month, I attended classes at least three to four times a week and practiced mindful eating. The results? I’ve never felt or looked better.

Add to that the fact that the studio itself is adorable – with a really homely feel and only a few instructors on rotation, which means you become a familiar face quickly and feel like you’re part of a family. The Reform Athletica philosophy also puts a heavy emphasis on environmental consciousness, as well as mindfulness and goal setting.

Whatever stage in your fitness journey you are, and whatever your perfect workout is, there are a few things you can do to get the best results from your regimen.


Take a holistic approach to working out, incorporating a mix of core conditioning, HIIT, and cardio, as well as active stretching and recovery.

Focusing on just one discipline will only show results in that area, so keep your workouts varied and practice disciplines that you enjoy! Reform Athletica, for instance, offers four signature classes, each of which works the body in a different way: ‘Reform Method’, ‘TRX Athletica’, ‘RA Yoga’, and ‘Kettle Form’.

Reem Kanj Reform Athletica 4
Photo: Courtesy of Reform Athletica

Dedicate time to your workouts.

You’ve got to keep them regular and give each session your all if you want to build your fitness levels, and with time you’ll start to see all that hard work paying off. Set out a weekly fitness schedule and tick off your workouts as you go along.


Focus on your form.

The instructor is there to correct you and ensure that you’re in the best position for that exercise, so you’re always using the right muscle groups and keeping your body in a safe and stable position while training. If you feel out of sync, then just reset your position and come back with correct form for the next rep.


Set yourself some goals, and make sure they're realistic.

Start with a weekly target for short-term gains, and then maybe a three-month, six-month and twelve-month target. These can be as simple as keeping to a set workout routine per week, and then maybe adding in distance goals for running or weight goals for lifting – and even goals for drinking a certain amount of water per day. It all helps to keeping you more active and living a healthy lifestyle.

Photo: Courtesy of Reform Athletica
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