Say Hello to the Goodness Facebook Group (and Please, Stay for a While)

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Whether it’s a fitness regime, relationship issues, career advice, family drama, or life in general, having a little bit of support goes a long way. Human beings, by nature, are social animals – and countless studies have proven time and time again that having people around us to talk to can have a genuine impact on everything from our health and happiness to our success.

In an age driven by technology, it can be easy to forget the importance of human social interaction, but the fact is that the way we communicate has changed – and rather than shying away from it or denying it, we should embrace it. The widespread availability of messenger apps, online groups, and the like has made it easier than ever for us to “find our tribe”. Indeed, one of the great benefits of social media is that we’re able to find people faster than ever and to reap the rewards of these associations even faster.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce the Goodness Facebook group, a safe space for women to “meet” like-minded people, share mutual topics of interest, swap tips and advice, and ask the questions they want the answers to. Want to know where the best vegan restaurants in town are, where you’d be able to find therapeutic-grade essential oils in your city, or what on earth “grounding” is (and if there’s anyone who could help you figure out how and where to do it – and possibly do it with you)? Well, here’s exactly where you can do that.

Please join us in helping to grow this community as organically as possible, both on and off the page, by clicking here. Why go it alone when you don’t have to? We’ll see you there!

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