Calling All Hometown Heroes: We Want to Tell Your Story

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Photo: Courtesy of Louis Smit

Goodness marks a new era in wellness. A time when health is more than just calories. A time when being healthy extends to what you say, what you do, and what you think – just as much as it does to what you eat.

Our goal at Goodness is to help foster the creation of a healthy community as the foundation upon which real change can happen. A community that celebrates diversity, that differentiates between individuality and individualism, and that recognizes the strength of women – particularly in numbers.

With that in mind, we want to help tell your story of emotional, mental, or physical resilience in the hopes that someone, somewhere will be able to benefit from it.

With Goodness, you will always have a voice, a platform to share your story. Our promise to you, dear reader, is that you will always find support and acceptance in the pages of this platform.

If you have a personal story you would like to share, or simply have any suggestions about what would inspire you to live a better life, please e-mail us at

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