A New Moon Ritual to Help You Realize Your Goals

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Annie Tarasova Moon Illustration
Photo: Courtesy of Annie Tarasova

It’s fascinating how nature is always influencing human life. Irrespective of our awareness of it – or lack thereof – we are always being affected by the flow and rhythm of our universe. In that sense, the moon is one such powerful energy. If you choose to observe this phenomenon, you may notice a synchronicity between your emotional swing and the moon cycle – rising and settling just like the tides in the sea.

Two of the most significant moon phases are the New Moon and the Full Moon, and both provide an opportune time for increased awareness and inner reflection.

The New Moon, in particular, evokes the energy of new beginnings. It is a time for starting anew, for shifting from our thoughts and inspirations towards initiation and action. Therefore, being conscious of thoughts, intentions, and desires during this phase can help you achieve whatever it is you are working towards.

There are many ways to do so by creating your own sacred practice. Ahead of tonight’s New Moon, here is one to help get you started.

  1. Whether you are trying this for the first time or have a prior practice, always begin by setting aside at least 20 minutes for this ritual. You can also prepare yourself by taking a warm bath with salts.
  2. Grab some sheets of paper and a pen with you.
  3. Choose a quiet space, preferably in the open, to connect with the New Moon’s energy.
  4. Cleanse this space with sage, incense, or candles while setting an intention for this ritual to be aligned to your highest best. Practically speaking, what this essentially means is that you are making a conscious decision to rid the space of any negativity, which could be specific memories, thoughts, and so on, and to begin with a clean slate.
  5. Close your eyes and disconnect from all thoughts as you start focusing on your breath.
  6. Slowly take your awareness from the breath and move it to your heart center. Connect with your heart energy and get in touch with your desires. Begin to visualize and feel joy for whatever it is that you wish to sow seeds for at this time. You can choose to focus your energy on one or multiple desires across different areas of your life – like a new project at work, maybe a new relationship, or even new ways to find more abundance. The key is to feel the joy and satisfaction that you would experience when you’ve attained those desires.
  7. Now, gently open your eyes and begin to write down all that you visualized. Writing is a beautiful way to move the energy of your conscious desires to the powerful subconscious.
  8. Thank yourself for dedicating this time to your goals and thank the New Moon for assisting you in this. Keep this paper in a safe space.
  9. Regularly return to your paper to update it; it will keep you motivated and moving towards the goals and desires you listed.

Bharti Jatti Varma is a holistic therapist who conducts various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai. With a background in psychology and a keen interest in exploring the intricacies of the human mind, body, and energy system, she began her study in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Response, and Energy Healing Approaches. Through her personal journey of self-discovery and self-development, Bharti learnt to distance herself from any limiting beliefs and patterns that prevented her from achieving her true potential of happiness, success, and harmony in her everyday life. After experiencing first hand the amazing personal transformation she underwent, her aim was to educate others about the same. Her expertise in various approaches allows her to offer a more holistic and customizable approach while working with clients.

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